La Revisione Deontologica Della Scienza Delle 5 In Punto

“The Revision Of Science’s Code Of Conduct Of The 5 O’Clock”:

If you’re looking for the English version you can find it at this link: 

Questa è la mia ultimissima tavola del “Bosone di JaC” fatta in onore della #nottedeiricercatori!! (Certo che dovete ingrandire ;) )


“My job is AWESOME!”

Probably he does the most important work in the galaxy.

My job is the coolest in the world! (t-shirt)

This little guy is more than an hero for me!

I made this design for the Music challenge on Threadless, If you like it you can score it on this link: ;) (Also, who can guess all the vinyls quotes?)