…°REC (Mi Libero Catturando le Sfumature Sovrapposte Delle Mie Realtà)

This is an illustration called “…°REC (I free myself recording the layered shades of my realties” i made for a contest about Cinema; It portraits how a  camera is basically a prolongation of the body (and of the mind) of the director.

—-> Italian “readers” only ;) Questa è un’illustrazione che ho fatto per un concorso a tema Cinema. La parola chiave era “Ciak”: ho pensato che per un regista quello che importa davvero non è l’atto meccanico e quasi burocratico di dire “Azione!” ma il processo mentale e creativo che lo porta ad immaginare una determinata scena. Così il Ciak vero, quello che conta, è l’aprirsi e il chiudersi di quegli otturatori biologici che sono i nostri occhi, i quali, ogni tanto, instaurando un morboso rapporto simbiotico con una cinepresa, riescono a contenere e diffondere i palchi di Realtà fittizie che sgorgano nelle piene di fantasia che allagano la nostra mente.

Il regista è quindi un potentissimo, quasi onnipotente, ibrido uomo-macchina, e la camera per lui è solo un altro lembo: il più naturale e necessario prolungamento del suo corpo (e della sua mente).


Sketches Praghesi Super Mandrilloni Reprise

Here is a couple of quick sketches i made recently while enjoying the true Prague’s lifestyle: sit in a nice cafe for hours and like the cheapest spy from the 70′s stare secretly at every single girl around trough the review “tractors illustrated” like an huge creep! (Just for instance, since i’m the shyest guy in the Universe i ended up just engaging a very dense conversation with my coffe about the bottling of caramel’s anchovy like the proud and self proclaimed king of the weirdos that i am.)

ritratto barbora vero naso deluxe

Scansione riratto bleah 2 1

Une Satire Française

A mirabolanti catene di libertà e a maschere ciniche e un po’ stereotipate di (finta) ma utilissima lotta sociale non si può che rispondere tramite roboanti onomatopee.

This is an animated “reply” that i made for the Charlie Hebdo’s comic strips upon the earthquakes in Italy!

This is the translation of what i wrote in Italian in the beginning of the article: “Toward majestic chains of freedom and cynic and a little bit stereotyped but totally helpful masks of (fake) civic engagement you can only reply with rolling onomatopoeias. ;)


Industrial Beacon Of Evolution Through The Unstable Void Of Dancing Membranes

This is the 7th illustration i made for the upcoming book i’m writing: it represents one of the many space stations that eventually in a distant future will match the genes of humans in order to grown new generation of populations. (I strongly suggest to enlarge the pictures by clicking on it ;) )illustrazione libro 7 ridotta

Poor-trait for the curliest soul in New Jersey

Since the sound waves of your crying are reaching me in Prague directly from the delicate urban tundra of New Jersey, overcoming such things like political congress of gun shots or super-relaxing picnic held under the shadow of a giant asteroid where tribes of cannibal earthquakes are dining happily with red neck’s families of tornados stuffed with gangs of sharks mind controlled by cats with toxoplasmosis, i decided to make this little portrait in order to cheer you up: it’s a little bit “surrealistic”, i know, in fact if you scroll down a bit further, my little shit, you’ll find the hyper-realistic version you are definitely looking for  ;)

JaCritratto barbora



ritratto barbora vero

I try with all my strengths to breath, to emerge back to life just because i love the sensation of being devoured again and again

This is indeed the sixth (over 20) illustration of the book, i don’t know actually if i’m going to publish others so i hope you would enjoy this one! I’m going also to add a poem (unfortunately in Italian) on this article in a couple of days so stay tuned… :) illustazione libro 6 ridotta