Attempt For The Enertegitical Indipendance of Cloud Mitosis N.3044 (Part 1)

This is an illustration i originally made in order to partecipate at the “Sound Of the Wind” contest, but of course, since i’m a sort sentient slime full of gummy bears, i didn’t make it on time for deadline. I kinda liked the characters so i decided to complete the project anyway, in few weeks you’ll see also the second part of the story of these stubborn aliens!

(I strongly suggets to click on the picture in order to enlarge it :) )eolic revolution piccolaHere some steps of the painting process.Schermata 2017-02-08 alle 01.37.09Schermata 2017-02-04 alle 20.20.41

Leftovers From “Humour A Gallarate 2016″

These are the other two cartoons i made for the contest “Humour A Gallarate 2016″ based on the theme “the wall” that actually weren’t selected for the final exhibition at MAGA Museum in Milan! If you want to check out the selected one you can find it at this link: .

“Un Battito Infinito Sulla Barriera Fra Noi E L’Ignoto” (An Infinite HeartBeat Upon The Wall Between Us And The Unknown”Un Battito Infinito Sullcxca Barriera Tra Noi E L'Ignoto

Speleologia Cerebrale (Cerebral Speleology)Speleologia Cerebrale


The pilgrimage of the Unseen layers up bright highways of shady chances. (I strongly suggest to enlarge the picture by clicking on it !)possbility piccola rivisitatatHere comes as always some super turbo extra sneaky details: Schermata 2017-01-23 alle 10.47.30Schermata 2017-01-23 alle 10.48.39

Schermata 2017-01-06 alle 04.30.48

Here instead you can see the sketch that actually inspired the “Artwork” (i don’t know, calling my art Art always kinda embarrass me.) ——> (Yeah, there is definitely a reason for that… :) )sketch-prrr-the-second

Sketches From (A) Future

Quick sketches I made all over Prague during my free time !! (Yep, what can I do, this city always gives me hallucinatory trips)




The sparkling dance of mutation17158966_10212064358674440_6510227742952394760_oQueen Of Hearts17211918_10212123566594601_2649828482262964870_o


Light Decomposition16179506_10211618037196682_6563050245863730876_o

Here is another quick sketch from my almost lysergic tram’s trips:

She’s an alien priestess during the day of the ritual of the “Methalmamorph” where  she connects to the underground plane of the existence called the “Velvet Mantle” from which erupts Reality .16403390_10211729202375742_447032471651261281_o

Playing the strings of the river16587035_10211852227811301_7623905072558734357_o


IMG_0521 (1)



The Tormented Clockwork Stage Of Reality

This is the last illustration i made for my book: i made it all at once without a sketch and it was definitely a lot of fun (even though i almost got a cerebral stroke in the process in order to nail the details: stupid details… ). I deeply hope you guys dig it! ;)  illusrazione-14-blog

Here you’ll find two screenshots of my archenemies: