Battito Mutante Di Notte

Questo è un progetto di libri per bambini che ho fatto per il Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2018: consiste in 5 illustrazioni fatte interamente a matita, complessivamente ho impiagato 20 giorni per la creazione della storia e la sua realizzazione. Purtroppo ho avuto un problema con delle scannerizzazioni perciò delle prime tre potrò postare solo dei video “esplorativi” mentre farò un post separato per la 4° e la 5°.

l libro parla di un esserino che prima di riuscire a partire per un viaggio spaziale viene mangiato da un mostro gigante ramingo; si ritrova così a dover esplorare l’intricato organismo gotico del suo ospite.

(Eng) Mutant Heart-beat Of Night

This a series of 5 illustration i made for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2018. The project took almost 20 days to be completed and is completely made with pencils. Unfortunately i had a problem with some scans so i’m going to publish just “explorative” videos for the first three artworks  while i’ll do a separated post for the last two.

The Book talks about a tiny little being whom is been eaten by a giant wandering monster just right before his departure for a space travel; he is then forced to explore the intricate and gothic organism of his host.

(I may suggest to wait till the videos are completely buffered cos they are kinda of slow)

1-”Partenza Da Una Gabbia Sfumata Di Ombre Danzanti (Departing From A Veiled Cage Of Dancing Shadows)

2-Preso! (Cath!)

3- La Gran Apertura Della Libera Compagnia Teatrale Parassitaria (The Big Opening Of The Free Parasitic Theatrical Company)


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(Inner)–__- >Self

We are in 2343, humanity is starting a new phase of space exploration for the first time to visit and eventually colonize the closest solar-systems from the Earth, the first part of a space program is meant to build a series of interconnected colonies across its galaxy. The long and insidious journey is now sustainable, thanks to several technological achievements: the majestic spaceships, giant and docile arks which tear apart oceans of darkness and trembling particles, can now exploit a innovative engine creates located in “dimensional bubble” inside of condensed another universe with different physics properties and it allows the ship to move slightly faster than light. Human beings themselves are going through a new face of fasten evolution since we started merging positively with machines, becoming a true mosaic of organic and electronic organs interconnected between themselves. Our brain and body is now perpetually cleaned out from toxins and molecular scars of aging thanks to an “army” of nanobots which is directly assembled in new cellular organs called cyberchondria; the backup of our memories and personalities are saved every nano-second in a quantum computer wired directly to our nervous system, and they are sent wirelessly in a central cloud for storage.

Sometimes those backups develop an individual sense of self-aware, creating a specular scission of personalities in the same body.
Sometimes those newborn doppelgänger, stimulated by floods of passions, experienced but never felt, by paint-brushes of glances and caresses, that touch and don’t touch the glorious flame of an illusive soul, they erupt from within starving for freedom.

innerself webhere some pencils of the process:19679416_10213287941863255_100285049858724094_o19780690_10213310479746688_2545245053742200735_o