The Cozy, Brown, Dance of Loneliness

This is a t-shirt design i created for a coffee focused competition, i hope you dig it!! 🙂 “Sometimes i sit in a cozy corner of a cafe just to observe, feel and wonder about all the splendid instants of life that i would like to grasp… so i draw, i write down something tremendously naive and cheesy in a napkin, and i act like i’m actually doing something; then the moment pass, so i can crumple everything and start it all over again…”maglia caffè fazzoletto vera blogThat’s how it would look on a t-shirt:TSHIRT fazzo dimostrativa blogHere instead you’ll find a couples of sketches i made for get the concept right (one of them it’s been actually used in the final “product”.brasatab pkpobrasatab 134535325This design it’s at moment on scoring on Treadless, if you want to help it becoming a real product you can do it by scoring 5 trough this link:


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