Il Doge

il doge

Il Doge

After the disaggregation of UE in 2021, Europe whole fell in economical disgrace, followed  by most of the capitalistic powers of the world. Almost all the central states of the former European Union but Germany adopted totalitaristic governments as consequences of the rising level of poverty, disparity and ignorance.

In Italy the internal separatists won the elections, and trough a referendum they split the country in three parts: the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia (North part), the Granducato Di Toscana (Central part) and the Regno delle Due Sicilie ( Southern part).

Also Nato and Onu were totally dismembered. England after Brexit went in total bankruptcy, finishing quickly politically isolated. Seeking ferociously the former glory lived during its imperialistic period the nation of Albion tried, with a delirious ultimatum, to claim back North America trough the menace of a nuclear attack. USA called the bluff, bombarding England with a night raid.

The now concrete fear of a global nuclear war increased the sells of a peculiar drug, called RadShield, with the properties of giving an innate powerful resistance to concentrate radiation.

Unfortunately the left oriented version of the molecule turned out to be a powerful mutagen, so millions of babies were born with severe mutations, managing to survive only thanks to artificial implants: a new kind of mankind was born.

Now in 2071, in the reborn Repubblica della Serenissima, for the first time a mutant is elected Doge of the city.



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