Poor-trait for the curliest soul in New Jersey

Since the sound waves of your crying are reaching me in Prague directly from the delicate urban tundra of New Jersey, overcoming such things like political congress of gun shots or super-relaxing picnic held under the shadow of a giant asteroid where tribes of cannibal earthquakes are dining happily with red neck’s families of tornados stuffed with gangs of sharks mind controlled by cats with toxoplasmosis, i decided to make this little portrait in order to cheer you up: it’s a little bit “surrealistic”, i know, in fact if you scroll down a bit further, my little shit, you’ll find the hyper-realistic version you are definitely looking for  ;)

JaCritratto barbora



ritratto barbora vero

I try with all my strengths to breath, to emerge back to life just because i love the sensation of being devoured again and again

This is indeed the sixth (over 20) illustration of the book, i don’t know actually if i’m going to publish others so i hope you would enjoy this one! I’m going also to add a poem (unfortunately in Italian) on this article in a couple of days so stay tuned… :) illustazione libro 6 ridotta

“My emotional programming shouldn’t allow me to feel loneliness”

Here is an illustration i made thinking about the possibility of developing and using A.I. in the future in order to put a little further the bar of human’s exploration of space.

I imagine this almost human sentient device which is just landed in a new world in a  nearby solar system: and before the amusement of the exploration, before the freedom and the pride of tasting as first this new and exotic era of human beings, the first thing the quantum synapses of it’s brain, made out of chiral diamond’s centers entagled between each others, reproduce is an enormous and breathtaking sparkle of pure solitude.

(You can enlarge the picture by just clicking on it)electrical feelings ridotta

Here’s a little zooming of the main character:

Schermata 2016-07-07 alle 01.36.48

Here indeed you will find a little about the process:

-The inking:

Schermata 2016-05-07 alle 18.47.41

-And the pencils:

Schermata 2016-05-03 alle 15.19.47